Deliverance involves the breaking of bodily and spiritual ties that prevent any individual, animal or natural phenomenon from having the opportunity to evolve or develop in its entirety.  Is the compassion of the LORD Jesus Christ in us to confront the powers of evil afflicting souls and territories. Helping people and nations to be free of their bondages. Deliverance is the heart of the father, He sent His son to set us free! (John 8:36)

Deliverance is not a ministry but an authority. Jesus said in Mark 16 ”And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”

So we see here that Jesus doesn’t leave the ministry of deliverance as many people say but an authority. As children of God, we have the right to hear God’s voice and to walk in this authority, we can move in this deliverance anointing because it is part of Jesus’ DNA. Every church, person, minister should be manifesting Jesus and His DNA through praying, worshipping, interceding, teaching, prophesying, delivering, healing the sick and evangelising. This is our mandate as children of God. To do what Jesus did on earth. Manifest heaven on earth!

Many churches don’t get into deliverance because they think they are giving more power to the enemy by doing this. But in Ephesians we see that our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.They don’t understand that deliverance doesn’t have to do with so many demons, but with the manifestation of the Glory of God. 

It is time for the church of Jesus to wake up! It is time to start manifesting God’s kingdom. If your church is talking about Jesus but not manifesting His power your church is a motivational church.


Now let’s talk about iniquity. Have you ever asked yourself why that person is struggling with addictions, mental health issues, their children are in bondage, their marriage is falling a part or are dealing withcontinuous infirmities? This is related to iniquities.

Iniquities comes from a Hebrew word and it means crooked or twisted. Iniquities are the build-up of unrepentant sin.

God wants us to understand iniquity (generational course) as the greatest obstacle to possessing the riches of His glory. Our ignorance about iniquity binds us to curses from which we cannot escape.

In His Word, God makes a specific distinction between sin and iniquity. The Church is used to dealing with the topic of sin to some degree, but almost never touches the vast problem of iniquity. Most Christians are unaware of its existence, so they are unable to be freed from it. Iniquity is one of the most significant topics in the Bible.

Iniquity is tied to the spiritual world of darkness, and it is there where the devil binds us with the curses from our ancestors. It is in this place that the legal bases of sickness are rooted and transmitted from the parents to their children and from the children to their grandchildren. This is where we see many illnesses passing from one generation to another. Because that generational illness is a manifestation of that generational iniquity in the spirit realm. It is also here where Satan’s legal right is granted to rob, to destroy and even to kill us.

This is an example why sons of alcoholics, after reaching a certain age, have an uncontrollable desire to drink. Some of them may be sons of Christians or pastors whom, without any apparent reason, begin to develop these sinful inclinations. The reason is that iniquity has not been uprooted. Even though they have received Jesus as their lord and saviour, their soul is still in captivity.


We need to understand that the moment a person comes to Christ she is forgiven of her sins, but the titles of darkness over areas of her life are still established and you have to come to the cross of Christ and break them declaring that darkness no longer has any right legal on family, finances or health.

Colossians 2: 14-15 annulling the act of the decrees that were against us, which was contrary to us, removing it from the middle and nailing it to the cross, and stripping principalities and powers, publicly exhibited them, triumphing over them in the cross.

When these acts are brought to the cross the demons are exhibited by the declaration of the sacrifice of Christ and they are defeated leaving our lives free from any of their attacks.

Even if a person comes to Christ, The Holy Spirit takes control but there are parts of the soul that are in captivity. The soul is where the enemy is going to attack the person: their emotions and their mind.


So we are born with our soul complete, but through our life, our sins, traumatic experiences or because of our ancestors’ iniquities the soul enters into captivity and starts to fragment. This part of the soul goes to different places of captivity.  

In each of the regions of captivity, there are prisons, pits, and turbid currents of muddy waters.

People think that David was a poet, and that psalms is a book of poetry, but David was a prophet and psalm is a powerful book where David wrote about the spiritual world and these places of captivity.

The soul enters captivity and fragmentation for many reasons:

  • Iniquity: when the seed of iniquity contaminates the spirit. This is a generational iniquity that passes from one generation to another. Repetitive patterns. : Illnesses, accidents, divorces, rejection, infertility…
  • Unforgiveness and rejection : through the womb, childhood and adulthood
  • Traumatic experiences: rape, accident, death, robbery, abandonment 
  • Sexual immorality: Fornication, adultery, homosexuality, zoophilia , pedophilia, incest. Through this the soul ties appear. in the spiritual realm, our souls are united to someone else, and that “tie” is binding us to a person we don’t want to be bound to, and is hampering our efforts at moving ahead in life.
  • Occultism: Witchcraft, satanism, new age, freemasonry


People that portrait any of these things (the list is long) can be suffering from a defragmented soul. Have you ever heard people saying ”I feel empty, I feel like something is missing” ? This is because part of the soul is in captivity.


In order to be free the person has to identify the root (iniquity), ask for forgiveness, renounce, break the decrees, cast out the spirit and call the part of the soul that was captive to come back to you and return to Jesus to be complete.

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Before going into deliverance, I first do what I call a discovery call to know you and to find out more about your background.

After this, I give you a few days so that you can engage with the Holy spirit and write down all the iniquities and patterns that come from your ancestors.

Then we go into deliverance, targeting the main portals that the enemy uses to oppress people: un-forgiveness, fear, rejection, sexual immorality, occultism and curses.

Each one of these categories have spirits that the person needs to renounce, break and remove the decree in order to be set free.

I believe that The Lord wants to raise an army of manifested children, queens and kings that not only know and hear the voice of God but that are going to walk in complete freedom and are going to manifest that freedom into other people that are captive. The lord wants to train His children into warfare as these are crucial times, but he first wants His children to be free and who the lord has set free He is free indeed.