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Coming from five generations of witches, Julie learnt to discern and walk in darkness until, at the age of 19, she was saved after her father died unexpectedly.

She specialises in helping people to be set free, hear the voice of God and those who are experiencing spiritual battles, bondages, and a lack of discernment.

Through her powerful testimony and teaching, Julie’s training sessions are unique as she not only helps people to be set free from the attacks of the enemy, but she trains them to hear the voice of God and to enter into the enemy’s territory.

Julie is the Director of RIG LATAM, part of RIG Nation ministry, under the Apostolic ministry of Tomi Arayomi who was commissioned under Christian International by Dr Bill Hammond and Dr Sharon Stone on the 13th November 2010. Julie was commissioned as a Prophet to the nations on the 26th September 2021.

RIG LATAM’s mission is to raise 7,000 apostles and prophets across Latin America.

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Victory in your spiritual battles

Deliverance is the compassion of the LORD Jesus Christ in us to confront the powers of evil and wicked spirits afflicting souls. Helping people to be free of their bondages. Deliverance is the heart of the father, He sent His son to set us free.

Julie’s deliverance sessions help people to engage with victory in their own spiritual battles.

Prophetic training

Learn to hear the voice of God

The prophetic is a manifestation of a form of special revelation. It means that you speak words or ideas that God has given specifically to you. In general, the prophetic is God using you, your mind, your imagination to release something on earth. It could be a prophecy, dreams, visions, or through prophetic acts.

But can everyone prophesy? The answer is yes! Julie’s prophetic training provides people with the tools to learn to hear the voice of God, cultivate their spiritual gifts and walk in the prophetic.

Prophetic worship

Overflow in prophetic worship

Prophetic worship is when we partner with The Holy Spirit to articulate God’s heart through poetry, painting and worship.

Prophets are not only called to deliver a word, prophets are called to create an atmosphere through demonstrating the beauty of God.

Learn to overflow in prophetic worship as Julie takes you into the supernatural with The Holy Spirit.

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